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Who We Represent


Stopping Drugs, Bullying, and Violence

From L.E.A.D.'s website, "Law Enforcement Against Drugs is a non-profit organization, supported by dedicated police officers, committed to protecting our youth and communities from the proliferation of drugs, drug-related crimes, peer-to-peer/cyberbullying, and violence."  

L.E.A.D. is currently the most effective tested proven, evidence-based program recognized by the Whitehouse for preventing drug abuse, bullying, and violence in schools. L.E.A.D. Offers a K-12 curriculum delivered by Law Enforcement. 

L.E.A.D. boasts over 3,000 instructors across the country and is the most rapidly growing program that covers these topics. Using Social and Emotional Learning, L.E.A.D.'s Too Good for Drugs and Too Good for Violence curricula cover a range of topics, each individualized to fit every grade level and community. 

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