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About Us

As a third-party marketing firm, our goal is the create exposure and generate revenue for non-profit charities focused on child development. Alongside that, we create innovative and strong leaders.


Based out of Birmingham, Alabama, we seek to create opportunities for our clients and team to grow beyond their full potential. We at Perpetual Industries refuse to stop at 100% — we proudly push ourselves past our limits and go beyond. 


We are an equal-opportunity employer. We believe that everyone has the potential to rise to the top, so we strive to give everyone that opportunity.


We cultivate the most friendly and team-oriented environment for everyone we meet. Whether they be a team member or a client, from the moment someone comes in contact with our team they are treated as family.  



Our team's culture is unique. There is music, laughter, jokes, and electrifying energy that cascades not only from one team member to another but to everyone we interact with. 

Wherever our teams are, you can be sure that they are having a good time, building long-lasting and personal relationships, and seeking to better each other. 

Broaden Your Horizons

Using our proven systems, we give our team the tools necessary for success and the skills to use them. Everyone at Perpetual Industries is equipped with a strong student mentality and a willingness to share their pearls of wisdom. 

We have many leaders from all walks of life full of different experiences. This means that there is never a dull moment or a question without an answer.

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